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  • Tailwind is our CSS framework, and provides a theme-able suite of utilities that form the backbone of our CSS system.
  • postcss is our CSS compiler
  • Babel is our JavaScript compiler
  • This documentation is built with Docusaurus


All of the source files for the published design system packages live in subdirectories of packages.

Source files for this web site live in website/docs.



  1. Get Node.js version 14 or greater
  2. Clone this repository with git
  3. Run npm install to install the dependencies


First, make sure that everything in your development environment is working by running:

npm run build

This should create .css files in the css directory, index.js and index.mjs in the react and elements directories, and a static website in the public directory. Once you've confirmed that it's working, you can run one or both of the following:

  • npm run watch watches the source files and rebuilds the CSS and JavaScript bundles when they change
  • npm run develop starts the Docusaurus server, which includes some helpful reloading and debugging features

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